The Infiltration of Blackrock Spire
An advance party of Iron Horde forces has barged right out of the Blasted Lands and pushed all the way to Blackrock Mountain, where they found refuge and supplies in Upper Blackrock Spire. There can be only one response: the Alliance and the Horde of Azeroth must face this iron incursion head on.

Available to level-90 characters for a limited time, this specially revamped five-player version of Upper Blackrock Spire sets the stage for the coming counterstrike against the Iron Horde. Here, you will face Orebender Gor’ashan, Kyrak, and Commander Tharbek as you begin to take the fight to the enemy and sharpen the skills (and swords) you’ll need to succeed on an unwelcoming alien world.

Draenor is waiting.

So many paradoxes and lore holes that trucks could be driven through it.

No blood of mannoroth, no horde invasion, no Thrall, tauren get wiped out by centaur, Darkspear get wiped out by murlocs, Sylvanas goes on to do whatever she wants because there’s nobody to hold her in check, the draenei never come to Azeroth. time travel 101. you can’t build a time machine to go back and change events if the event catalyst never happened to make you build a time machine to go back and change events.

You do know that temporal physics makes it impossible for anything that happened after Garrosh found his way back in time to be our timeline, right? It would have instantly split off into another infinity of timelines separate from ours. So the new portal is not just jumping space, but time as well.

The moment Garrosh went back in time, he split time stream up. So technically, the past as we know it still the past. That is our past. The Iron Horde we are fighting isn’t our Iron Horde. It is the Iron Horde that Garrosh helped make when he jumped back in time. That Iron Horde that Garrosh made is trying to get into our Azeroth because he’s a chip on his shoulder or something.