Vault of Incarnats is the first raid of Dragonflight.

This 8 main raid introduces us to the new expansion with new systems. This article covers all the basics about Vault of Incarnates, including the release schedule, bosses, locations, loot and rewards, as well as links to more in-depth topics such as boss strategy guides and level set details.

The Raid release schedule for Dragonflight, Vault Incarnate on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties will be revealed the week of December 12th. Cross factions will be available immediately. At least 16 of the 20 raiders must be from the same guild and faction to enter the Incarnates Hall of Fame Mythic Vault., Catalyst of Inspiration opens on January 16th., LFR Incarnates Release Vault, There will be three wings to the raid vault quest, which will be released on the schedule: week of December 19th: LFR Wing 1, Week of January 2: LFR Wing 2, Week of January 16: LFR Wing 3,

How to find Vault of Incarnates in Dragonflight? Is located in eastern Taldras /route 73.14 55.60. There is a launch point just outside the raid. Bosses Overview for Vault of Incarnates Vault of Incarnates in Dragonflight features eight boss encounters, one of which is board style with four bosses.

The Primal Council: Embar Firepath, Opalfang, Kadros Icewrath, and Dathea Stormlash
Wing Bosses
Dathea, Ascended
Kurog Grimtotem
Final Bosses
Broodkeeper Diurna

Vault of the Incarnates loot overview where you can find all gear, special drops, achievements and more. you can find detailed information about Lot Item Tiers There are three tiers of items in the Incarnats inventory. The main item level drops from the first 4 bosses, the wing bosses drop slightly higher level items, and the last two bosses drop even higher level items.

Bosses 1 through 4Wing BossesFinal Bosses
Raid Finder376382385

Unique Drops Level +6 or +7 Unique Drops Some bosses’ unique and special items, Special Bow with Raszaget

Ring Seal of Diurna’s ChosenEranog
Ring Seal of Filial DutyBroodkeeper Diurna
Bow Neltharax, Enemy of the SkyRaszageth the Storm-Eater
Trinket Whispering Incarnate IconThe Primal Council


Binders can drop from regular scavenger parties and lieutenants after the first boss but have a higher chance of getting them. shooting from lieutenants and mini-bosses. Garbage before the first boss, Eranog does not drop BoE., Note: BoE items are only tied to pickups on mythic stage difficulties during the first few weeks of the season.

Vault of Incarnates is hard?

Raid came out the average long, there are standard for players, as well as new mechanics, for a beginner to pass this raid in normal mode, especially through the raid finder – will not be very difficult, but heroic \ mythic modes will already be much harder. For this we recommend to contact our friends, they can do any services related to Vault of The Incarnates Carry Services, they work 24/7, while you are in the boost mode you are in discord and can learn the game, on-game leader will tell you about tactics and in the future you can pass this raid by yourself.

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